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Budvanska riviera
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Budvanska riviera

Beneath pointed peaks of Mt Lovcen rising from the sea, there is Budvan Riviera. After Budva, anchored on the shore with their own coastal luxury, the queens of the Mediterranean, picturesque towns Sveti Stefan, Milocer and Petrovac lie in string. Harmoniously fit into rich Mediterranean vegetation and washed by abounding sun, around forty settlements and hamlets and twenty beaches give their special contribution to the scene. Looking at the slopes of Lovcen, breathing the scent of cypress forests and enjoying charm of the girls from the coast would make even the biggest pessimists believe Dostoyevsky saying that beauty will save the world.



Viewing from the sea, you will immediately notice two specific features of this coastal part: the jagged coastline and mountainous hinterland. Approaching the shore, you will notice high cliffs ascending steeply above the sea frequently replaced by low sandy strands. The beauty of the constant change of the relief and the whole landscape of this Mediterranean area cannot be truly experienced if one does not walk along the coast. The sea acted differently creating oval coves with sandy beaches in the soft sandstone and steep cliffs in the firm limestone. Thus, the sea has created 17 first-class, mostly sandy beaches.



In this area, the air temperature in January is 7,7C, and in June 24,1C. According to the average annual temperature, Budva is ranked before Nice (Budva 15,8, Nice 15,2). The bathing season lasts from May till the mid of October. Nature takes care of the plants’ survival. Most Mediterranean plants have leathery, thick leaves withstanding the sun. Under the influence of sunshine and warm air, plants produce various resins and etheric oils, flowers bloom luxuriantly spreading their strong scents.


Milocer’s landscaped park covers the area of 18 hectares  with flowerbeds and trees of exotic species: Lebanese cedar, tropical mimosa, Japanese medlar, cactus, agave, pittosporum and others. Sveti Stefan  is connected to the mainland by a limestone reef like a bridge and it presents special attraction and the most exclusive summer resort in the Mediterranean. During summer, this area is not only attractive for tourists but also for numerous artists.



Sveti Stefan

Just like some grounded stone boat, Sveti Stefan “anchored” in the middle part of Budvanska Riviera. A former fisherman village, mentioned in documents for the first time in 1442, since 1960 represents a world famous town-hotel with comfortable villas and luxurious apartments. According to tradition, the Pastrovici erected this settlement using the treasure they had grabbed from the Turks in the XV century. Centuries latter the town of Sveti Stefan became the residence of Pastorvici. Their court, called ‘bankada’, was having sessions and making decisions there. This tradition is still alive.



By being engaged in fishing and olives the former residents of this island, forced by a hard living and poverty, were leaving it. In search for a better life they were moving towards Constantinople and latter even towards America and the far away Australia. At the end of the Second World War, the island was almost deserted. Thanks to the idea of the distinguished Montenegrin painters like Lubarda and Milunovic, the town-hotel welcomed its firs guests forty years ago. Soon afterwards, it was given the title of one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. The statesmen, high officials, industrialists, film stars, the best sportsmen are its clientela, especially in the prestigious and the legendary villa “118”, where the daily rent goes up to 1.500 dollars.

“… Just as if I have returned to town from the most beautiful fairytale of my childhood” said Sophia Lauren, the Italia film star, when visiting Sveti Stefan.