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Unique tourist attractions, intact nature, wild rivers, mountain ranges, lakes…


Mini Montenegro tour


The first stop is Cetinje, old Montenegrin capital. This town, situated at the foot of the Lovcen Mountain, is widely known as “the nest of freedom” for its glorious past. Despite the attempts of Turks to turn it into ashes, it managed to subsist and today it is the symbol of its chivalrous and gruelling past. Many of Montenegrin cultural monuments are planned to be seen. Firstly, there will be a tour around the Cetinje monastery where the “Oktoih”, the book printed in 1494, is kept as well as many other significant relics such as the hand of St John the Baptist, particle of the holy cross and the holy remains of St Peter Cetinjski. Also, we will visit the National museum-the castle of king Nikola where various trophies, flags, paintings are kept as well as the weapon collection considered to be the largest in the country.

The road then takes us along
Njegusi, Lovcen and serpentine slopes of the Lovcen Mountain which enchant and terrify us at the same time as we glance at the abyss below us and ends in the Boka Kotorska bay. After the tour of the Kotor town and coffee break, we will return to Budva.




Bay of Boka Kotorska


Halfday picnic to the southern most fiord of Europe is the opportunity to see the unique natural beauty of this bay and to get to know it's history,culture and architecture.Picnic includes panoramic drive by bus to the bay and by boat through the bay.In the old town of captains Perast,best preserved baroque totality in the Adriatic,visitors will see the cathedral of St.Nicola and on the island Our Lady of the Rock the church with same name from the 17 century.On the walls and ceiling are covered with 68 canvasesa painted by Tripo Kokolj,one of the best known domestic baroque painters.


After the boat ride you can visit The Old city of Kotor,which is as well as the whole bay registrated in the pages of World's treasury and it's under the protection of UNESCO.During the visit of town you'll see the cathedral of St.Trifun from the 12 century,Maritime museum,numerous palaces,old squares and feel the atmosphere of this unique medieval town.For those more persistent,old walls of the city-fortification system of Kotor which is made of wall 4,5km long,20m high and to 15m wide, remain the open challenge which they can visit.




Budvanska riviera

Two old urban cores, seven monasteries,about twenty sand beaches and line of parks is hiding 20 km of Budvan riviera.This halfday tour is an introduction to more serious visiting and getting to know the place you are staying in,and to which you'll surely devote after this tour . After the panoramic drive,  walk through The Roal park in Miločer, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy in the shade of centenary olives and in the view of St.Stefan or to visit by themselves this town from yours.



Village trip of Lustica peninsula


Leave everyday crowds. Feel a different rhytham of life. Visit Stojkovici, a small village on the northern side of the peninsula of Lustica where dense old olive groves are resisting the sea and mountain air currents. Warmly welcomed by our host, you can visit an old mill for olives that has defied the tooth of time for centuries, see many tools and pictures from that period of time and rest on an ancient threshing floor. After, with local music melodies, local specialties and drinks will be served.




Ostrog Monastery


Ostrog Monastery was founded in 17 century by Vasilije Jovanovic, who was later buried there and pronounced a saint posthumously and is now referred to as Sveti Vasilije Ostroski (St. Vasilije of Ostrog).


Ostrog is the most important pilgrim place in Montenegro, where believers from all over the world come, especially in summer during traditional church fair. It is a true example of natural beauty.




Lake of Skadar


When visiting Montenegro, Skadar Lake is easily accessible because it is positioned on the main traffic way connecting maritime with central region.

There are great predispositions for nautical tourism with visits to islands, shore settlements, cultural and historical monuments…


In 1996 it was included in the World list of swamps of international importance by the Ramsar convention. Another term that makes the lake recognizable is crypto depression - it means that its largest part is below the sea level. The coast is jagged, with numerous bays, islands, peninsulas and capes. The swamps are overgrown with reed.




Shasi lake


Twenty two kilometers  from Ulcinj, at the very border with republic of Albania, between the mountain Rumija and the river Bojana, lies a unique lake-Shasi, 6 kilometres long, encircled with specific lake flora, the Shasi Lake represents a unique attraction. You can go fishing, during the season, since the lake is full of fishes.






The way to the southest Montenegrin town reveals the typical atmosphere of the Orient.Large number of people,countless mosques,the longest sand beaches,The Old city on rocks above the sea and exceptional hospitality of the locals will take over you with it's unique charm.During the visit to the Ulcinj,famous city of pirates in which Servantes was kept as prisoner,you'll see the mosque N Kru Pazarit(Mola Rifatit)* and the longest beach on the Adriatic-The Big beach.The visit to The Old city is the individual choice,because of the steep ground.


On the half way to the Ulcinj,in foothill of the mountain Rumija,on the steep crest which is inaccessible from three sides,The Old City of Bar is placed.The genesis of this town goes back to the time when Slav's arrived on the Balkans.Besides the tour of The Old city of Bar the visitors will see the oldest olive tree which sprouted two milleniums ago.




National Park “Durmitor”


Whether you choose the winter or the summer season for visiting Durmitor, you will not feel the lack of unique mountain view. The National Park “Durmitor” spreads across 39000 ha, and its area of 20000 ha has been included in the UNESCO since 1980. Zabljak, the city with the greatest height above the sea level at Balkans, 1456 m, is situated here. It is surrounded by 23 mountain peaks over 2300m high.




National park “Biogradska gora”



Protection of Biogradska Gora dates from 1878 when this territory became “Duke’s preserve”, a gift to the ruler of Montenegro of that time, Duke Nikola.


The greatest value of the National Park is the primeval forest Biogradska Gora, total area of 1600 ha. It is one of the last three primeval forests in Europe. It’s highly protected reservation and it represents biological treasury of ecologic ecosystems with 86 species of dendroflora..




Rafting on Tara river


The deepest canyon in Europe,the longest rafting in Europe.Three,two or one day,the choice is yours!The oneday adventure that we are offering you is giving back all your lost energy.After arrival to the canyon of the river Tara,by terrain vehicles we are driving you to the Brstanovice-starting point for the most exciting destination for rafting in Montenegro.From there you go to the sweet rafting adventure.The most beautiful way to test yourself and your adventure spirit,to experience unforgettable moments and to enjoy in the last jungle,beech,beaches and pleasant lunch on the riverbank.




Nevidio Canyion


On the slopes of Durmitor there is a canyon that has been unknown to humans for thousands of years.


It was in 1965 that human leg stepped on the ground of the Canyon for the first time.

The first to conquer the Canyon was a group of mountaineers from Niksic.






The drive along the Bokokotor's bay,crossing the bay by ferry,croatian border,Cavtat and then behind the curve magnificent view on the city which allured the sighs of princess Diana-Dubrovnik,"The pearl of the Adriatic"!Photo break-pictures for the future,yourself,your family or friends.


The two-hour organized visiting of the Old city and two more hours at your choice!Once the great maritime force of Mediterranean,free city-state which reached the top in the 15 and 16 century,has a places to show:City old walls 2 km long,with a line of towers and fortresses Lovrijenac and Ravelin‚,Stradun,central street which connets Doors Ploče on the east and Doors Pile on the west,Baroque Cathedral with Tizian's paintings,palace Sponza and series of other Gothical,Renaissance and Baroque churches,monasteries,palaces and fountains!






6 hours in Albania-for the first time


You will need a whole day for this picnic,but it's worthwhile!You'll see "the land of eagles" and second by the size city Skadar.Although it's no longer behind "the iron curtain",the specific language,tradition,culture and history,slower social development and difficult traffic availability make Albania interesting for tourists with the curious spirit!Maybe only just for one day!

Besides the visit to the city center and lunch break,the visitors will have the opportunity to see The Old city,  Catholic church and mosque.Return is in the afternoon hours.




Taxi boat


A half day trip by boat, from Budva to Sveti Stefan


Budva - Sv.Stefan - Hawaii Island