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Only a one hour flight from Rome, Budapest, and Ljubljana or a one and a half hour flight from Zurich and Wien, separate you from a small country on the South Adriatic, which is one of the most picturesque European destinations.

The capital of Montenegro, Podgorica is 500 kilometres of air line away from Rome, 1500 kilometres from Paris and Berlin, around 2000 kilometres from Moscow and almost 4000 kilometres from New York.

Montenegro is an air destination with very frequent charter flights during the tourist season. The companies Montenegroairlines, JAT, Adria airways and Austrian airlines manage scheduled flights, while a couple of other companies organize flights to Podgorica, Tivat and Dubrovnik during the tourist season. (Aeroflot, Air Berlin, Fisher, Tirolyan, Aviogenex, CSA, and others).

Two international airports in Montenegro (Podgorica and Tivat), and one in Croatia (Dubrovnik) available for those who arrive in Montenegro by plain.

National carrier, Montenegro Airlines, operates scheduled flights at to two international airports Tivat and Podgorica.

It was situated at Cilipi 20 km away from Dubrovnik, 24 km from Herceg Novi, 44 km from Tivat and 68 km from Budva. Tourists coming to Montenegro with charter flights to Cilipi airport have organized bus transfer to the hotel destination.

You can see a valid timetable if you visit the pictures..


JAT Airways

Montenegro airlines


Austrian airlines

Adria airways

Aerodrom Dubrovnik


Ferryboat lines

Montenegro is connected with whole world by the Adriatic Sea, and there are regular ferries on routes: Bar-Bari, Bar-Ancona.

The port of Bar is the bigest port in Montenegro. The capacity depends on the type and length of boats, 14 to 20 boats can be served at same time.

Sea border crossing:
Ports: Bar, Kotor, Budva and Zelenika.

Montenegro lines


The existing railways are 249 km long and are predominately electrified. The main railway is Bar-Podgorica-Belgrade with braches towards Niksic and the other one towards Skadar (Albania).

There are five passenger trains on the Bar-Belgrade route per day: three-express trains, one business, one auto-car and one train with sleeping cars.

On the Bar-Subotica line there is one daily express train with sleeping cars.

The passenger trains on the Bar-Belgrade line are connected with international trains to Budapest, Vienna, Paris, Munich, Warsaw, Bucharest, Athens, Moscow etc.


Serbian Railways

Bus transportation

The bus traffic through Montenegro is very heavy. There are bus stops are in all towns and cities of Montenegro. The ones in Herceg Novi, Budva, Bar, Podgorica and Pljevlja work 24 hours a day during the tourist season. There are also regular daily bus lines to Belgrade from where international bus lines run.

During the summer season, the number of buses is increased on most lines through Montenegro, especially to and from the coast. Timetables are arranged for every year separately.


Road network

The road network totals 5.174 km. The two major road ways in Montenegro are the Adriatic motorway from Igalo to Ulcinj and the motorway that links the south and the north, from Pertovac, across Podgorica and Kolasin to Bijelo Polje.

Border crossing

to Albania:    Bozaj (the lake Skadarsko), Sukobin near Ulcinj
to Croatia:  Debeli brijeg
to Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vilusi, Vracenovici, Scepan polje and Metaljka.

AMSCG (Automobile Association of Montenegro) offers: help on roads, towing service, car service in all bigger towns and information concerning road conditions.

For help on road call 987, 9807, +382 (0)20 225493, 244467, 225635